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Boiler Service

You have probably heard about boiler servicing, but do you know what it involves and why is it so important to have your boiler and your heating system serviced regularly?

Boiler servicing is not too dissimilar to an MOT on a car. An annual inspection that is there to ensure your vehicle, or in this case your boiler, is safe to use for another year.


During a service, the qualified engineer will carry out several checks on your boiler and central heating system. A summary of the works included in a boiler service carried out by Aren Heating & Plumbing are listed below:

  • Visual inspection: our engineer will visually examine with a trained eye the boiler and check that it meets current standards and regulations. During the visual inspection, they will also look for any leaks or corrosion on the system and associated pipework as well as checking the flame within the boiler.
  • Flue inspection: our engineer will check the flue from your heating system and ensure that there are no blockages or obstructions in the flue pipe or terminals. We will also make sure that the flue is safely and securely fitted. During this crucial part of the service, our engineer will check the flue and analyse the flue gasses from your heating system.
  • Component check: next up, our engineer will remove the casing to the boiler and check each of the inner components to ensure they are all working as expected. This includes clean condense traps and magnetic filters of dirt and debris. We will also check that the expansion vessel is charged. The expansion vessel is the component that handles the boiler pressure.
  • Final checks: to conclude, we will check the gas pressure and turn the boiler on to identify any faults when the system is fired up. This includes checking the gas rate of the boiler to ensure it is operating efficiently as well as inspecting the consistency of hot water and central heating.

All boiler services are carried out to satisfy the manufacturers’ specifications.


If there are any issues, depending on the severity, we would advise on either having the parts and components repaired or suggest a boiler replacement. All of which, are services that we can assist you with, should you wish to proceed.

The great thing with having a regular boiler service, is that the likelihood of your boiler suddenly not working is reduced massively. The boiler service identifies and resolves issues before they become serious and detrimental to the system.

It is recommended to have a boiler service carried out annually and by a Gas Safe registered engineer, like the experienced staff at Aren Heating & Plumbing. If your boiler is currently in warranty a boiler service must be carried out annually to keep the warranty valid. Our boiler service costs just £78+VAT.

If you are a landlord, it is a requirement to ensure that the gas appliances are well maintained. We provide a ‘Landlords Combo’ service that includes the boiler service along with a full gas inspection and issuance of the CP12 certificate for just £150+VAT.


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