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Image of a radiator showing the temperature dial.

The idea that it’s cheaper to leave the heating on low all day is just a myth. It was often thought and assumed that it was more economical to keep your heating on albeit at a low temperature all the time – even when not at home. There were concerns that firing it up every…

Energy Saving Tips

Energy bills are rising dramatically. However, simple actions can help cut your electricity and gas consumption to make your home more efficient and save you money. We have put together our top ways to reduce bills throughout the home, helping you to save, whether you are putting the heating on, cooking your favourite meal or…

How To: Test Carbon Monoxide Detector

A simple but essential component to any home. A device that is often overlooked and do we really know what to look out for or how to test it is working correctly? Keep reading for some advice that could well save your life.   What is a Carbon Monoxide detector? A carbon monoxide detector should…

Boiler Repair

How to repressurise your boiler Lack of heating and hot water? Immediate problem or do you simply want to know what to look out for with your boiler pressure? Our simple and helpful guide explains what boiler pressure is, what causes the fluctuations, how to check the pressure and ultimately how to repressurise your boiler….

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