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 A chemical flush is a service that that helps remove the build-up of dirt, sludge, rust, and debris that has built up over time in a central heating system. It is a slightly less in-depth clean to the powerflush – another service that we all carry out. A chemical flush is ideal for systems which are not too dirty and not require a complete powerflush.

A chemical flush is essentially a scaled down version of a powerflush. The chemical flush uses gravity to clean the system instead of needing to rely on a powerful pump as is the case with the powerflush. All our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered and are fully proficient in carrying out chemical flushing for your radiators, boiler, and complete central heating system.

A chemical flush will clean out the build-up of debris in your central heating system. This helps to boost the efficiency of your heating, protects from rust and scale build-up, and increases the lifespan of your boiler, helping to save money in the long term. The reduction of corrosion and blockages means that the water flows around your heating system more efficiently and there is less likely to be any damage to individual parts, so you should have warmer radiators and a generally quieter heating system. It’s a quicker and cheaper way to make your existing system feel new again.


Why do I need a chemical flush?

A chemical boiler flush is a standard process that is usually conducted when a new boiler has been installed. It removes rust and debris inside your system and so helps clean your boiler, pipes, and radiators – which helps hot water to flow more easily & efficiently. A chemical flush is the most basic type of flush available.

How often should I flush?

Your boiler will only need a chemical flush a few times in its life. A good indicator for when your system needs a chemical flush is if the bottom of your radiators are cold even though the heating is on. There are other factors to consider, including how old your system is and how well it has been maintained over the years.

How long will a chemical flush take?

A chemical flush should only take a few hours although this does depend on your central heating system and the number of radiators that you need to be flushed in your property.


To arrange for a complete chemical flush of your radiators, boiler, and central heating system, please head to our Contact page and fill out the online form or alternatively, you can call us directly on 020 8287 7194.

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