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Gas and combi annual boiler servicing for your home or property in the South London, East London and Croydon area.

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An annual boiler service is a wise investment as your boiler is an essential part of your home heating system, responsible for keeping you warm and comfortable Whilst also providing hot water on tap. We do not appreciate how much we rely on the boiler, until the moment it stops working and you wake up cold and with no hot water for your shower!

It is crucial that a boiler is kept well maintained over its lifetime, to ensure it continues to perform at optimum efficiency. A faulty boiler could be causing you to waste money on energy and could even potentially start leaking poisonous and harmful carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is a colourless and scentless gas which makes it difficult to identify for the average person. Therefore, it is vital to have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer such as Aren Heating & Plumbing.

Our boiler service is a comprehensive and thorough investigation of your boiler and its connections. The engineer attending your property will identify any potential safety issues and also ensure you have a carbon monoxide alarm placed in an appropriate position.

A service of your boiler is not too dissimilar to an MOT on a car. An annual inspection that is there to ensure your vehicle or in this case, your boiler, is safe to use for another year. We cannot express enough how important it is to have your boiler checked by our fully qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers.

By having a regular boiler service carried out by Aren, the chance of your boiler breaking down between a service is greatly reduced. You can be rest assured that you and your boiler are in safe hands and working order.

To arrange for a service of your boiler, please head to our Contact page and fill out the online form or alternatively, you can call us directly on 020 8287 7194.

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Our Gas Safe engineers will conduct a comprehensive series of checks, tests and necessary cleaning to ensure the safety and efficiency of your gas boiler and central heating system.

By having your boiler serviced regularly every year (recommended in summertime), many boiler breakdowns and central heating failures can be prevented. Our Gas Safe engineer will fault find any potential problems and repair them in time for winter when you really need your central heating.

Once your boiler service is complete the office will email you a digital copy of the Boiler Service Maintenance Checklist completed by your Gas Safe engineer on the job.

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