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Potterton Powermax Boiler Replacement – Case Study

We recently completed the replacement of a Potterton Powermax boiler for one of our customers who is based in Streatham. The following details the works that took place, the challenges we faced and how we overcame them to ensure the works were completed to the high-quality standards we always set out to achieve.


Following the initial discussion and arrangement with the customer for us to attend, we identified that their existing boiler was a Potterton Powermax. The Powermax is a rather old boiler and is deemed to be inefficient as well as holding a turbulent history when it comes to its safety for the engineers dealing with them. This is particularly for these boilers manufactured between 2001 and 2005.

We were tasked with the removal and decommissioning of the existing Potterton Powermax boiler and replacing it with a newer, more efficient boiler.

Boiler Replacement

Above: The before and after photos of the boiler replacement. The older Potterton Powermax is on the left with the new Vaillant on the right. You can also see the new piping and flue that we installed in the after photo.


Their boiler was heating two bathrooms as well as the central heating for the property. The customer mentioned that when both bathrooms were using hot water, there was a significant drop in temperature and flow. It had a twin flue system that routed up into the attic and out of the roof. Other properties in the area seemed to have this same type of boiler but had since upgraded to more efficient models by using a long run of vertical flue which was the same method as what we opted for.

Following the removal and decommissioning of the existing unit, we installed a brand new Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 835 combination boiler along with a filter and the mentioned vertical flue. The new vertical flue was routed from the cupboard that houses the boiler through the attic and up out of the roof above.

Due to changes in standards and guidelines that have come out since the Powermax was introduced, the existing gas and water pipes also needed to be upgraded and replaced with larger equivalents. If we had not also replaced the pipework to meet current regulations, this would have meant the boiler’s warranty would have been invalid and the gas supply to the property would have been insufficient. Our team identified this when preparing for the works and made the seamless switch to new piping without any problems arising.

As our works were more in-depth than usual and included us making changes to the roof, we required the aid of scaffolders and roofers. Unfortunately, the roofer we had agreed with to do the work was unable to attend but due to great organisation by the Aren project manager that oversaw this job, a new roofer was sourced immediately resulting in no delay to the customer.

Boiler Replacement Flue

Above: The scaffolding that needed to be erected to work on the roof can be seen in the left photo. The photo on the right shows the newly installed flue.


It was a great collaborative effort from the team at Aren as well as the roofer and scaffolding company we used to ensure the works were completed safely, in accordance with current guidelines and to the satisfaction of the customer.


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