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Plumbing History

A brief history of Aren Heating & Plumbing

To really understand where we came from, we first need to take a trip back in time, right back to the Ancient Greeks. Being the first to develop central heating around 350 BC it is safe to say they were well ahead of their time. Using flues planted in the ground to distribute heat created by fires, it is only fair that we begin our story here.

The Ancient Greeks paved the way for generations to come and their systems were used for many years in some form. Around 80 BC in Ancient Rome, Sergiu Orata invented the ‘hypocaust’. This was created by building structures on pillars to allow for a furnace to be lit beneath the floor. The hot air would then rise up through the flooring (the very first underfloor heating!) and flues within the walls. An ingenious way to heat multiple floors, although it did require someone to watch and maintain the fire at all times, so the building did not become too hot.

Why the interest in Ancient Greeks?

We feel it is important that you know that we are not pioneers, nor the first plumbing and heating experts, not by a long shot. Despite that, what sets us apart from the other companies today is that we have more than twenty years of experience in keeping families safe and warm and we really care for our customers. We have taken the time to become specialists in systems, both old and new, efficient and not so efficient. We understand plumbing and heating on a fundamental and core level allowing us to fulfill your individual requirements.

Times have changed, and they continue to do so

We have come quite a way since the days of the Romans where it required someone to watch the fire constantly to ensure the building did not become unbearably hot. This is not to say we do not have the potential for problems today.

Energy consumption and efficiency were nowhere to be seen on the design sheet when Franz San-Gilli invented the modern radiator in the 1850s. Today, with annual price hikes by energy companies, keeping the bills down whilst also helping to protect the environment are part of modern life. A standard water heater can make up 13% of your household utility bill and turning down your thermostat by as little as one degree can reduce your heating bill by almost 10%. Picking a plumbing and heating company that knows a thing or two and will provide advice can make a big difference.

Our History

Back in the year 2000 when we welcomed in the new millennium, we began our careers working in the plumbing and heating industry. With more than twenty years of experience under our belts, Aren Heating & Plumbing launched with the sole purpose of providing expert heating and plumbing services with exemplary customer service and satisfaction. We have built a strong reputation in the Croydon area and have served thousands of happy customers.

Since the start of the noughties, before we had smartphones, social media and this very website; we as individuals have continued to evolve and learn new practices along the way. Collectively we have the skills and knowledge to offer a wider range of services to facilitate our ever-growing customer base who choose us as their preferred heating and plumbing company.

We provide the full spectrum of services from boiler installations, repairs and servicing through to solving plumbing problems and issues. Our fully qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers carry out thorough survey reports for homebuyers, whilst the provision of gas safety certificates for landlords is another popular service of ours.

Homes in the UK are well known for having the worst U-values (the thermal loss through your walls, floor, ceiling and windows) in Western Europe. We have our work cut out and we know that, but if we can help keep you and your family warm whilst also reducing your utility bills, we are satisfied that we are fulfilling the purpose we set out back when we founded the company.

Who are you going to call?

When you need a new boiler, the heating fails, when a pipe has burst or there is no hot water for your morning shower, call Aren Heating & Plumbing. Our engineers are ready to assist. Have any questions or would like to discuss something with our team? Please head to our Contact page and fill out the online form or alternatively call us directly on 020 8287 7194.

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