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The Landlords Guide to Gas Safety

As a landlord, as you are probably aware, you are legally responsible for the safety of your tenants for several reasons, one of which being gas. 

As defined by law and detailed on the HSE website, you must:

  • Repair and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances in safe condition.
  • Ensure an annual gas safety check is undertaken on each appliance and flue.
  • Keep a record of each safety check certificate.

As per the ‘Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998’, it is the duty of the landlord to make sure that all gas appliances, fittings, chimneys, and flues are safe and working efficiently. To ensure the safety of your tenants, all gas appliances and flues must undergo an annual gas safety inspection and be issued with a certificate. Please see the official documentation on the HSE website for further information.


What do I need to do to be safe and compliant?

An annual check carried out by a fully qualified and reputable Gas Safe registered company such as Aren Heating and Plumbing is required. They will undertake a complete and thorough inspection of the gas appliances, flues, pipework, etc and will provide a ‘Landlord Gas Safety Record’ certificate upon completion. This safety record is also commonly known as the CP12 certificate which is an abbreviation of ‘CORGI Proforma 12’ and originates from when CORGI was the UK’s statutory gas safety body. Of course, nowadays it is Gas Safe Register.


What does the CP12 Certificate show?

The CP12 certificate is your evidence that the properties you manage have been checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer in the last twelve months. Not only does the certificate contain details on each of the gas appliances tested, but it also will identify any safety issues that were found during the checks and any action or work needed to ensure safety.

Make sure you keep your previous certificates as CP12’s must be retained for at least two years. It is also mandatory that you provide your tenant with a copy of the record for the property within 28 days of the checks being completed.


What is included in the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate check?

The CP12 inspection is comprehensive and incredibly thorough. A summary of some of the checks that will happen during the inspection are detailed below:

  • Check the gas appliances and assess the tightness of the valves to ensure no gas is escaping.
  • Check the standing and working gas pressure (if test points are available).
  • Check the burner pressure / gas pressure and compare this against the manufacturer’s data plate.
  • Check for the satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation.
  • Test the flue flow to ensure the removal of products of combustion.
  • Check safety devices such as carbon monoxide alarms are working properly and are in the correct location.
  • Check for any misuse of gas devices or items.


The dangerous consequences of not maintaining your tenants’ gas appliances.

Failure to maintain gas appliances is extremely dangerous and illegal. Failing to do so may ultimately result in loss of life.

Not only that, but you risk being prosecuted, and this could result in you facing imprisonment or a fine of up to £20,000.00, for each offence. Or both, if the case is then referred to the Crown Court where the maximum penalty may be imprisonment, an unlimited fine, or both.


Need a Gas Safety Certificate for one or more of your properties?

Let our highly skilled and fully qualified Gas Safe registered team of engineers provide you with that peace of mind in knowing your property and tenants are in safe hands.

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