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Energy Saving Tips


The cost of living is always rising, especially now with expected annual price increases from energy providers. To counter this, there are several ways to combat the price hikes, take back control and save money. We have compiled our top five tips to save some £££’s off your next energy bill.


Tip #1 – Replace your appliances with more efficient ones when it is time to get a new one.

Appliances in your home from the kettle to the fridge, the washing machine to the hoover, are all scored on their energy efficiency. These can range from an extremely poor ‘G’ to a near perfect ‘A+++’. An appliance with an efficiency rating of A+++ will cost you less to run than one with an A+ rating and a lot less than one with a G rating.

As an example, a washing machine with an A+++ rating will on average cost £60 less in energy usage compared to an A+ model across a typical 10-year product lifespan. In other words, a £6 saving a year and that is from just one appliance.


Tip #2 – Turn the thermostat down by just one degree. Just opt for the sweater instead.

By turning the thermostat down on your central heating boiler by just one degree, you will on average likely save an impressive and pocket-friendly 10% off your heating bill.


Tip #3 – Have a smart thermostat installed in your property.

Smart thermostats have been around for several years now and there are a wide range to choose from. Google Nest and Hive to name a couple. The great thing with these thermostats over conventional are that they truly are ‘smart’. They learn how long it takes to heat your home and can heat just the parts of the home you are using. They can also be controlled via a mobile phone meaning you never have to worry about leaving the heating on when rushing out the door and you can warm up the house before returning, either from work each day or back from a trip away.

In a typical home in the UK, after installing room thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves and programmers you may save on average £75 a year.


Tip #4 – Replace your boiler with an energy-efficient version

Like Tip #1, boilers are also graded on their energy efficiency from A (being the most energy efficient) down to G.

There are no +’s with this grading system. Depending on the age of your boiler, it is likely that replacing with a newer version will save money. All modern boilers are what are known as condensing boilers. This means they can recover the heat that was previously lost via the flue. As a rule of thumb boilers that are more than 20 years old have an equivalent grading of an E or below. A switch from a G rated boiler to an A rated could save you an impressive £300 a year!


Tip #5 – Save money and help the environment with water-reducing and money-saving devices.

 Several water companies including Thames Water provide water-saving products and advice to their metered customers. Such products include ‘save-a-flush’ bags that reduce the amount of water used in each toilet flush and aerators that can be added to taps to reduce the amount of water needed to provide the same amount of flow. These both save money on your water bills whilst simultaneously helping the environment.


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