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Vaillant Boiler Benefits

With multiple boiler manufacturers to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to go with. We have significant experience of installing and maintaining Vaillant boilers and so are well placed to advise on their benefits.

Vaillant have been around for more than 100 years and are one of Europe’s largest boiler manufacturers. Their boilers have continued to develop and improve and today they offer a wide range to suit a variety of needs.


The core benefits of having a Vaillant boiler

  • Extended Warranties: Boilers are expensive and therefore you want to have peace of mind, knowing you are covered if things go wrong. The Plus and Exclusive range come with 10 years as standard warranty. The Pure comes with 5 years as standard, whilst the Pro comes with 7. With an approved installer, all boilers come with 10 years warranty. For the latest and up-to-date info in this respect, please see the Vaillant website.
  • Energy Efficient: Vaillant’s range of condensing boilers use the supplied energy efficiently and reduces the amount of thermal energy that is lost from the flue. This translates to energy efficiency of up to 98%. Typical consumers find their energy usage drops by about 30% when replacing an older heating system.
  • Quiet Mark Approved: Their range of EcoTec boilers which are ideal for small to medium sized homes are Quiet Mark approved which recognises boilers that actively reduce noise. The Vaillant EcoTec 30 has a noise level of 49 dB which makes it one of the quietest combi boilers available.


The above boiler benefits that come with owning a Vaillant boiler are the core components of why we like to recommend Vaillant to our customers. We also install other high quality and well-known boiler manufacturers including Baxi.

Our fully qualified engineers are experienced in the installation, servicing, and replacement of Vaillant boilers.


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