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New Vaillant Boiler Install

We recently completed the installation of a brand new boiler for a customer based in South London who contacted us due to issues with their existing boiler which was only eight years old. Their existing boiler was not installed correctly and this had caused the system to start failing way ahead of its typical life expectancy.

Our professional and qualified Gas Safe registered engineer attended the property and examined the existing boiler to see if the unit was able to be repaired. However, following a visual inspection, a whole host of issues were identified. For example, our engineer found there was no magnetic filter, no shocker arrestor and no limescale reducer. All three of these are used to protect the boiler and increase the longevity of the system. It is without a doubt, that because these essential components were not included in the original installation, it helped contribute to major elements in the boiler becoming clogged with dirt and starting to fail. The severity of the damage found deemed the boiler beyond economical repair and thus a new boiler was needed.


Boiler Install

Above: The before and after photos of the new boiler installation. The older Vaillant boiler is shown on the left with the new Vaillant that we installed on the right.


We provided the customer with a price for a like-for-like boiler to be installed, including the protective components and filters. The customer was happy to proceed, and we installed the new boiler to the high standards we hold at Aren Heating and Plumbing. Our engineer carried out flushing to the manufacturer’s specifications. Inhibitors were also used to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. In doing so, this has meant that the new boiler we have installed is eligible for the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. That is two years more than how long the customer’s existing boiler lasted!

The engineers who were involved in this boiler installation completed the job in line with our high standards and to the satisfaction of the customer. As with all our work, we worked safely and in accordance with safety guidelines and regulations.


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