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Water Saving Tips


Stop pouring your money down the drain and consider using these water-saving tips to help reduce your water bill.

Water bills rise year in, year out and there is little we can do about the increasing cost imposed per cubic metre of water used. We can however reduce our consumption and counteract these spiraling costs. Below are our top five tips:


Tip #1 – Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth

On average, a tap left running will waste approximately 6 litres of water every minute. Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes morning and night equates to nearly 24 litres of water per person. A household with four persons is then looking at a potential reduction of around 100 litres per day by this one small change.


Tip #2 – Upgrade your loo to have a dual flush

Traditional toilets only have one flush. They use approximately 13 litres per flush and are excessive for their purpose. Modern dual flush toilets have two flushes (push button operated) and use far less water each time. 6 litres for a full flush and 4 litres for the reduced flush. A saving of between 7 and 9 litres per visit to the toilet.


Tip #3 – Fix leaks as soon as possible

Always be aware that leaks can happen. If you do notice a leak or worse a burst pipe, the first thing to do is turn the water supply off via the stopcock valve. It is then important to get the leak fixed as soon as possible to ensure you do not continue wasting water.


Tip #4 – Reduce your time in the shower

On average, for every minute spent in the shower, up to 17 litres of water is used. Reducing your daily shower from 10 minutes to 5 minutes will save another 75 litres per day, per person. You can also make the water go further by installing a low-flow shower head that helps reduces the amount of water consumed.


Tip #5 – Install aerators to your taps to reduce water flow

Following on from the use of a low flow shower head, installing aerators (flow regulators) to taps throughout your property will drastically reduce the amount of water used. They work by mixing air into the water and therefore reduces the amount of water used whilst still providing the same pressure.


Found our water-saving tips useful?

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