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Energy Saving Tips

  The cost of living is always rising, especially now with expected annual price increases from energy providers. To counter this, there are several ways to combat the price hikes, take back control and save money. We have compiled our top five tips to save some £££’s off your next energy bill.   Tip #1…

Plumbing History

A brief history of Aren Heating & Plumbing To really understand where we came from, we first need to take a trip back in time, right back to the Ancient Greeks. Being the first to develop central heating around 350 BC it is safe to say they were well ahead of their time. Using flues…

Boiler Repair

How to repressurise your boiler Lack of heating and hot water? Immediate problem or do you simply want to know what to look out for with your boiler pressure? Our simple and helpful guide explains what boiler pressure is, what causes the fluctuations, how to check the pressure and ultimately how to repressurise your boiler….

Aren Heating

  Choosing a plumber? Choose Aren Heating & Plumbing Choosing a plumber is not as straightforward as you think. You want to be sure you find someone who is appropriately qualified, very reliable, trustworthy and is not going to charge the earth. This takes time – time you do not have when there is water…

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